Website mockup

In this assignment, the student was required to created a website mock up and a style tile. It is my first time to design something like this with Photoshop and I enjoyed a lot in this assignment.

Logo design
Cool icon picture

I started with my logo of my site. It is called “A Cut Above”, meaning it is the best recommendation of all. And my site sub title is “All your restaurant recommendations served up Medium-Rare”. I think it is a funny puns for my site since it is about food.

When I did my research, I found this image of different type of food logo. I found this very interesting. However, I don’t think my website will need that many food icon so I didn’t use this elements in my final.

style tile

Here is my style tile for my website. I didn’t follow all of my element but this is my very first and original brainstorming of how my website should look like. I was looking to be more pastel color and I really like the curly fonts. They reminded me of spaghetti.

Working process

This is my grey box of how I want my website to look like. I made a very basic framework. I did many changes after but this is my original.

My website Mock Up